Snakestaff Systems EDC TQ wide

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We took the same features of our ETQ™ and incorporated them into a wider 1.5” TQ for backpacks, belts etc. It still conceals nicely in jeans and around 35% smaller than the standard TQ. The extra width helps with less possible tissue damage if the TQ needs to be left on for hours.

The ETQ Wide™ 1.5” version is designed to meet criteria set forth by the Committee of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC). We look forward to submitting samples to CoTCCC and continue gathering real world data for when they conduct their next round of TQ evaluations.

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Wider than ETQ™ at 1.5”

37.5” long

35% smaller profile

Non water absorbent for maritime operations

Easily concealed in pockets for low-vis ops

Fits in pistol mag-holder

Non-slip rigid windlass for bloody hands

IR or red Chemlight available for ID of TQ placement on night ops

K9 and child compatible

Caribiner lock to secure windlass during patient transport

Easy to read directions under stress

Mil-Spec 4088 webbing

UV rated polymer and webbing

Snakestaff Systems™ its employees, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and destructors shall assume no liability for injury or damages arising from application and use of the ETQ™ or ETQ Wide™. User assumes all risk of liability. Take a stop the bleed class and receive proper training before using any tourniquet.