Global Phalanx - Individual Trauma Kit (ITK)

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The Global Phalanx Individual Trauma Kit is the most comprehensive everyday medical kit available. Capable of addressing injuries that range from motor vehicle accidents to blast shock amputation to gunshot and knife wounds, this kit is should be considered an essential for every prepared civilian.


1x Molle Pouch
1x Tourniquet (Aluminium V1 model)
1x T.F.T.P.D Tactical Field Trauma Pressure Dressing 4-inch Bandage
1x Compressed Gauze
1x NPA
1x Survival Blanket 1.6*2.1m/military green color
1x Rescue Sheers
1x Blackhawk Nitrile Gloves
1x 15G Celox Granules
1x Celox Applicator
1x Celox Rapid
1x Foxseal Chest seal (2Pack)
1x Foxseal Vented Chest seal