Urban Warrior EDC Ready Pack (Pack Only)

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The Urban Warrior EDC Ready Pack was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the everyday carrier. The multipurpose, multifunctional design caters for all types of gear from trauma kits, to first aid kits, to everyday carry packs. Our zero zip concept means that all compartments are easily and readily accessible and require no fine motor skills to access them. Vital gear can be accessed via strategically placed high visibility pocket pull tabs that do not require you to open the pack. Once opened, carefully placed compressions straps and compartments allow for secure and visible storage. Compression straps on the outside allow the pack to be compressed for easy storage in a backpack or glove compartment. The EDC Ready Pack is a high quality product designed and priced in such a way so that it is accessible to all EDC'ers.

Pictured packing list: (contents not included with pack)

1 - Tournequet
2 - Cellox Rapid
3 - Cellox Applicator 
4 - Cellox Granules
5 - x2 Fox Chest Seals
6 - Compressed Gauze
7 - Emergency Bandage
8 - NPA
9 - Needle Decomp + Flutter Valve
10 - Trauma Sheers
11 - Large Burn Shield
12 - Gloves
13 - Emergency Blanket
14 - Flashlight
15 - Sharpie Pen